Factsheet Reuse IT equipment Central government

Source: REBus
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The State Property Service (DRZ), part of the Ministry of Finance, works in this project on the reuse of redundant Central government data-carrying IT equipment. This amounts to some 30,000 devices per year. From the viewpoint of data security, costs and environment, these devices are destroyed by shredder. The scrap is then sold on the market. DRZinvestigated alternatives in this project. (July 2017)

The project comprised three parts:

  • Investigation into alternatives to destroying the equipment. This demonstrated that a large proportion of the equipment can be cleaned using special software and then reused. The investigation also calculated whether the sales returns of the cleaned equipment would be sufficient to cover the costs of reuse and destruction.
  • A market tender for the deletion and making suitable for reuse of 8,123 data-carrying IT devices (a consignment that was available at that time). DRZ published an announcement for this in early October 2015.  In total, six companies responded and one was given the contract.
  • The lessons learned from the first consignment were put into practice in a second consignment (15,223 devices.