Public Procurement for a Circular Economy

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The European Commission has published a new brochure about ‘Circular procurement’. It cites a number of initiatives by Dutch decentralised governing bodie as examples. This confirms that the Netherlands is one of the frontrunners of the circular economy. (October 2017)

Circular Procument

The circular economy is an economic system that aims to maximize the recycling of products and resources. Circular procurement is part of the ‘Green Public Procurement (GPP)’which is a proces that involves parties procuring goods and services that contribute to a closed energy and materials chain. The new brochure follows te direction that has been determined in the EU action plan for a circular economy.

New Circular Procurement brochure

The brochure helps procuring services, like municipalities, provinces and water authorities, to incorporate circularity into the procurement process. The brochure offers practical tips to create a circulare procurement process according tot he principles of recycling resources and reducing waste. It also offers examples of best practices to show how circular principles are applied in European procurement.