Introduction to risk management in public procurement of innovation

Source: PPI Platform
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This guide aims to provide an overview of risk management in the context of public procurement of innovation (PPI). By definition, pursuing an innovative solution is a process that involves a higher degree of uncertainty towards the intended result compared to choosing for a proven solution. These uncertainties often act as a major barrier to innovation. Therefore, risk management is a key success factor within the public procurement of innovation. (january 2014)

Uncertainties in the public procurement of innovation may lead to events with both positive and negative results. Either way, when dealing with innovation a strategy to cope with these risks is important for a successful outcome of the process.

This guide offers insight into the specific risks and the possible management techniques in public procurement of innovation. The guide is primarily aimed at strategists and public procurement officers in public organisations who are already familiar with regular procedures. The guide does not explicitly mention general risks in public procurement processes. In general, it is important that risk be managed as explicitly and as professionally as possible, whilst keeping in mind that it can never be managed entirely.