About PIANOo

PIANOo, the Dutch Public Procurement Expertise Centre, was set up to professionalise procurement and tendering in all government departments, with a view to improving efficiency and compliance with the rules. Professional procurement can contribute to successful policy and offers value for taxpayers' money.

The Dutch government procures around € 73 billion worth of work, services and supplies every year. Much of this is for the primary process: roads, bridges, home care, school books, school transport, and so on. Procurement is therefore a key tool for ensuring quality in government services.

The Dutch government, together with regional and local authorities, wants to stimulate the market for sustainable products. Sustainable public procurement means focussing on the environmental and social impact of procurement as well as the price of the products, services or works in question.

The Dutch government have developed criteria and practical instruments to implement Sustainable Procurement within the organisation. PIANOo provides the information mentioned above.