2. Be prepared and stay ahead

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As a procurer, you know that being well prepared is half the battle. If you want to consult the market and allow sufficient scope for new solutions in your invitation to tender, you must allow sufficient time for the professional processes involved. Be sure your organisation is informed about appropriate timescales.. If your internal client's planned timescale is too short, you should also inform them of this fact. In this way, you can avoid disappointments or sloppy processes.

As a procurer, you can advise your client on how to complete a sustainable public procurement. In this context, being well prepared is – indeed – half the battle. It is important that you gather information in advance, that you conduct a dialogue with the internal client and, possibly, with an expert in the relevant field. Jointly draw up a fixed timeline indicating what needs to be done and when, and clearly showing the full duration of the entire process.

It is also important to decide in advance who is to be responsible for what, and which individuals are to be involved in the public procurement.