Sustainable Procurement Manifesto 2016 - 2020 (text of manifesto)

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You can access the text of the Sustainable Procurement Manifesto 2016 - 2020 here. The Manifesto was first signed in December 2016, and many other parties have signed up since. (december 2016)

The manifesto is intended to enhance the contribution of Sustainable Procurement to the realisation of policy objectives. The manifesto builds on earlier agreements, such as the Manifest Professioneel Duurzaam Inkopen (Professional Sustainable Procurement Manifesto) (2012). The ambitions recorded in the SP Manifesto go beyond the application of minimum requirements and the manifesto replaces earlier agreements such as the 100% sustainable procurement based on minimum requirements. In the new SP Manifesto, public authorities commit to set their objectives in accordance with their own ambitions. Since December 2016 numerous parties have signed the manifesto.