Action plan for Responsible and Sustainable Procurement by governments 2015-2020

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This action plan is about Responsible and Sustainable Procurement (RSP). Responsible and sustainable procurement means that when procuring products, services and works, the effects on people, planet (environment) and profit/prosperity are considered. Within these three elements we look at specific themes such as circular procurement, biobased procurement, the international social conditions and public procurement of innovation. (september 2015)

This Action Plan is based on the effective and efficient use of RSP as an instrument to contribute to realising policy objectives with sustainability as a regular part of the procurement process. The plan is therefore not about determining what the actual policy objectives/effects should be. Examples of issues to which RSP can make a contribution are:

  • Counteracting climate change
  • Stimulating renewable energy generation and energy efficiency
  • Reuse of raw materials
  • Use of biobased resources and materials
  • Living wages and improving labour conditions
  • Reducing environmental impact
  • Protection and sustainable use of natural capital
  • Improving sustainability of government operational management
  • Improving sustainability of product and market supply chains

Action plan