General Government Terms and Conditions for IT Contracts 2018 (ARBIT)

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In 2010, the General Government Terms and Conditions for IT Contracts (ARBIT) were drawn up because of a growing need for flexible models suited for ordinary purchases of IT products and services (i.e. small and medium-sized projects and standard products) and thus capable of being used for the great variety of IT orders placed by central government. They provide a uniform set of general terms and conditions between the State of the Netherlands (i.e. all ministries and public authorities and agencies for which the ministries are responsible) and third parties. Following the updates in 2014 and 2016, the ARBIT have been updated for a third time. The changes mainly reflect changes in privacy legislation. The 2018 version of the ARBIT includes several changes connected with the General Data Protection Regulation.

ARBIT 2018

Model agreements

Available ARBIT model agreements:

Contract concerning ARBIT 2018


Framework Agreement concerning ARBIT 2018


Call-off Contract Framework Agreement ARBIT 2018


Data Processing Agreement (ARBIT 2018)


Amendment Agreement (ARBIT 2018)