General Government Purchasing Conditions 2018 (ARIV)

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The General Government Purchasing Conditions (ARIV) were first adopted by prime ministerial order of 1 September 1993. They provide a uniform set of general terms and conditions between the State of the Netherlands (i.e. all ministries and public authorities and agencies for which the ministries are responsible) and third parties. The ARIV 2016 have been revised in connection with the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25 May 2018. A standard clause on the processing of personal data has been included in the ARIV and the liability clause has been amended, in case a purchase and supply contract involves the processing of personal data. In addition, a number of provisions have been reformulated or improved for the sake of clarity.

ARIV 2018


Model agreements

Available ARVODI model agreements:

Data Processing Agreement (ARIV 2018)


Purchase and supply contract (ARIV 2018)


On-demand bank guarantee article 12.1 of the ARIV 2018


Bank guarantee as referred to in article 4.5 of the ARIV 2018


Order in accordance Purchase and Supply Framework Agreement (ARIV 2018)


Purchase and supply framework agreement (ARIV 2018)


Amendment Agreement (ARIV 2018)