Factsheet Circular economy projects Alliander

Source: REBus
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Network company Alliander, distributor of gas and electricity across a large part of the Netherlands, has high circular economy ambitions. These ambitions can be seen in projects ranging from coffee cups, the new accommodation in Duiven, renovation of the Bellevue head office, protective workwear (see Dura Vermeer/TBI Croon/Alliander Workwear factsheet), transformers, office furniture and the Fair Meter (a sustainable energy meter). Alliander is also working with various parties to achieve a 100% use of circular economy materials in the under groundinfrastructure by 2040. (June 2017)

Alliander first gained considerable experience in circular procurement in the facilities company. A showpiece in this area is the transformation of the site in Duiven into an inspiring example of a circular economy-based building. Five existing buildings have now been expanded and covered with a 'climate greenhouse' with a floating roof. The site opened in August 2015. The success of this stimulated Alliander to also make its primary processes circular.