Factsheet Municipality of Amsterdam goes circular

Source: REBus
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The municipality of Amsterdam aims to make its own organisation more sustainable and has started three procurement projects for this: for office furnishing, coffee and concrete. A chain consultation was established for concrete, with the aim of stimulating concrete recycling. (June 2017)

The municipality signed the 'Concrete paving material in a circular economy' covenant with seven companies. The objective of this is to investigate how, in the future, concrete paving material can be recycled and used in new concrete materials. The municipality's aim is that 100% of the concrete granulates from paving materials will be reused in the concrete chain by 1 January 2017. The municipality is now establishing a pilot project with a circular call for tenders for concrete based on MEAT criteria (Most Economically Advantageous Tender).

Market consultation

For office furnishing, a wide market consultation was organised. Market parties were all offered a five-minute pitch. One of the circular ideas was a smart office chair that measures how often and for how long it is used. The municipality then requested an action plan for redeployment and reuse. Circularity was incorporated in the award criteria. The Best Value Procurement method was used for the coffee tender. Circularity also applied here as award criteria.