Factsheet Circular Procurement IT equipment province of Utrecht

Source: REBus
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IT hardware is not an easy product to make circular. Even so, the Province of Utrecht decided to conduct a pilot project to purchase the workstation equipment in a circular way. (August 2017)

The pilot consists of a procurement process to purchase IT equipment for 1,000 workstations. The preparations started in April 2015. The criteria for the province's purchasing department are that on the one hand a large part of the products the producer supplies are used, and on the other hand the products or materials supplied can be used again for another cycle at the end of the lifespan or use phase. This pilot project ensues from the Green Deal Circular Procurement, which the province was one of the first parties to join in 2013. The goal is that at least 10% of the total procurement budget will be spent on circular projects by 2020.